Orientation Terms and Conditions

Billing: Clients will be billed monthly or lump sum, (based on the option chosen) with an annual commitment. Each client will be provided a registration code that can be used no more than the maximum number of times allowed in their billing tier. Billing begins the date that the client signs up and recurs either monthly or annually on the same date every month. Access to courses will be available immediately upon signup. Additional student licenses can be purchased at the per student rate, within their selected tier. Clients can upgrade tiers at any time. When a client chooses to upgrade their plan, they must pay the difference at time of upgrade. Once the upgrade is complete, additional licenses will be made available immediately. Any unused courses during the annual commitment will not be reimbursed, pro-rated, or rolled over.  

If any monthly billing client utilizes 80% or more of their allotted licenses within the first three months, they will be immediately notified and required to upgrade to the next tier or pay the remainder of the annual commitment.  

Usage: All users will have 2 attempts to complete the course and up to 3 attempts to pass the exam with the registration code provided by their agency. After 2 course attempts and 3 exam attempts, clients will be charged for an additional user. Registration codes will only operate during an active annual commitment period.  Upon completion of their course, users will be provided a certificate which can then be shared with the agency to fulfill their briefing requirements.  

Reports: Clients will be provided a monthly usage report as part of their subscription. No additional reporting will be provided, unless requested. Requests for additional reporting will come at an additional cost and be dependent on the type/frequency of report/information being requested.