Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Abatement – The process of withholding the housing assistance payment due to failing to meet Housing Quality Standards

Affordability – HUD defines affordability as a dwelling that can be obtained by a participating household for 30% or less of their income

HAP – Housing Assistance Payment

HAP Contract – The contract between the housing authority and the landlord

HCV – Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Assistance Payment – The payment made to the landlord by the program on behalf of the participating tenant. The Housing Assistance Payment is the amount not paid by the household

Housing Quality Standards – The standards set by HUD to determine the minimum quality standards that apply to units occupied by program participants

HQS – Housing Quality Standards

HUD – Department of Housing and Urban Development

Jurisdiction – Referring to the specific geographical area the housing authority serves

Participant – Any tenant or household with a voucher

Payment Standard – Represents the maximum monthly assistance payment a participating household can qualify for based on Fair Market Standards for the area

PHA – Public Housing Authority

Portability – The process of a participant moving to a jurisdiction outside of the one who issued their voucher

Rent Reasonableness – The HUD standard designed to ensure that rents being paid for participating units are reasonable in comparison to similar units

RTA – Request for Tenancy Approval

Subsidy – Referring to the Federal benefits paid by the program

Tenancy Addendum – The document provided to the landlord by the housing authority that outlines the Federal terms and regulations applicable to the participating household

Total Tenant Payment – The total amount the household is responsible for paying directly to the landlord

TTP  – Total Tenant Payment

Utility Allowance – The amount designated by the housing authority as the amount needed by the household to cover their necessary utilities each month

Voucher – The document issued to the tenant by the housing authority as proof of their eligibility to receive housing assistance

Voucher Size – Referring to the maximum subsidy that will be paid to a participant based on their household composition and income.