How do Families Get on the Program?

In order for families to get on the HCV Program, they must first apply on an open waiting list. In some cases the agency may have special funds approved by HUD for special programs that may be referral-based programs vs. waiting list programs.
Agencies open their waiting lists based on the availability of vouchers, funds and local preferences. Waiting list preferences and waiting list management is federally regulated and audited.

Eligibility of the Program

Once an interested family is selected from a waiting list they get to participate in the program if:
    • They are income eligible based on the very-low and extremely-low income limits for the agency’s jurisdiction
    • They can demonstrate that there is at least 1 US Citizen or eligible immigrant in the household, even if the US Citizen or eligible immigrant is a child (subsidy is only paid for eligible participants, no subsidy is paid for ineligible participants)
    • They provide Social Security Numbers for all eligible family members
    • Sign required forms including Authorization to Release Information
    • Does not owe monies to other agencies for any federally funded programs.
    • Pass Criminal Background Screening, based agency criteria. This criteria will change by agency.
    • Provide all verification of preference, familial status, income, asset and deduction information as requested by the agency. Minimum documentation is regulated by the federal government, but the agency has the ability to request additional documents. This will vary by agency.

The Voucher

  • Once the family has been deemed eligible to participate in the program the family gets to be briefed on the program and provided a voucher.
  • The voucher represents the level of subsidy that will be provided based on the family composition. This is reflected in the family voucher size.
  • The voucher lists out the successful lease-up process along with participant responsibilities.