Program Roles & Responsibilities

From Congress all the way to the families, there are many parties that play a part in ensuring the success of the HCV  Program. Below are the various entities that are involved in the organization and facilitation of the program AND their unique roles and responsibilities. 

Let's Break it Down

  • HUD monitors the PHA/Local Offices
  • Local office determines eligibility and issues the participant a voucher.
  • Participant will find a unit and provide the PHA with the information of the unit through a form called RTA ‘Request for Tenancy Approval’
  • If the unit is approved and passes all requirements (requirements are outlined in the PHAs administrative plan) the PHA will then allow the participant to enter into a lease agreement with the owner of the unit.
  • Copy of the lease will be submitted to the PHA and the PHA will enter into HAP agreement with and the owner.