Successful Partnerships – Landlords

Through the creation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, HUD and the local PHA’s begin to get out of the property management business and start creating partnerships with the private market with owners. Both the tenant and the landlord can choose, while the PHA provides income-based subsidy. When property owners are open to selecting HCV participant’s, even greater opportunities are created for EVERYONE.


Through these partnerships, the property owners get to:

  • Have a larger pool selection
  • Screen every family in accordance with their own unit eligibility criteria
  • Complimentary Rent Reasonable Assessment upon approving an eligible family to rent the unit (rental market study)
  • Complimentary Inspections prior to the family moving in to ensure the unit/asset meets the minimum federally required standard for decent, safe and sanitary housing.
  • Collect Security Deposits
  • Receive consistent rent payments every month, assisting with cash-flow
  • Complimentary biennial inspections to ensure the unit continues to meet the minimum standards, allowing the unit to maintain a minimum value.
  • Manage its lease and proper

What Does the Ideal HCV Landlord Look Like?

The success of the Housing Choice Voucher program depends on the participation of private-market landlords. Housing Agencies partner with local landlords and investors to provide its participants with more housing options in the Private Market.



Desires to create long term return on investment with consistent secured property income. Only looking for a guaranteed paycheck without the responsibility of creating it.
Manages their property or uses a third party to manage their property Does not manage or desire to manage their property
Desires the value of their property to be consistent Does not care about the condition of their property


Agencies get to screen landlords based on its history to maintain units, enforce leases in accordance to the laws, pay property taxes, not discriminate against applicants and participants, their ability to comply with landlord responsibilities.

Landlords/owner get to screen the agency for how payments are made, the timeliness of payments, unit criteria and its ability to meet its regulated responsibilities