Ongoing Eligibility

Ongoing Family Eligibility

Families who choose to comply with their program responsibilities get to have a yearly recertification to establish ongoing subsidy levels based on family size and income. Since the program is a “hand-up” program with the intention to empower families to financial self sufficiency, it is anticipated that the family’s income will increase.

After the family is admitted into the program income eligibility is not required. Meaning, the family gets to make as much money as possible, there are no minimums or a maximum income they must meet.

Ongoing Unit Selection and Unit Eligibility

After the initial lease term (typically 12 months), the landlord has the option to renew the lease and request a rental increase to the tenant and the agency. The family gets to determine whether they would like to continue to rent the unit and accept renewal terms or if they wish to move. If the lease is renewed by both parties, the unit will be inspected at least biennially to ensure it continuously meets the minimum unit quality requirements, also providing the landlord an additional opportunity to ensure the quality of the unit is maintained.


Annual Recertifications

Every year, families are required to recertify their household information, including:

  • Income & Assets
  • Deductions & Expenses
  • Changes in family composition

The PHA will recalculate the subsidy (rental assistance amount) for that program participant. Landlords and tenants are then notified of these changes and when they will take effect.

Interim Recertifications

Anytime there are changes that occur in between annual recertifications that affect rental subsidy, an interim recertification must be completed. Interims can occur at any time and are generally requested by the family.

Landlord's Rental Increase Request

If the landlord wishes to increase the rent, it must notify the agency 60 days prior to its effective date and written notice to the family based on the agreed upon lease terms. The agency must do a rental market study (rent reasonableness), free of cost to the owner, in order to ensure the new rate can be supported by the private rental market. The family is not required to renew the lease at the new rate.