Types Of Inspections And Purposes

The purpose of HQS inspections is to ensure that housing is decent, safe and sanitary. PHAs are required to conduct different types of inspections:

  • Initial
  • Annual
  • Special inspections, including:
    • Complaint inspections
    • Emergency inspections
    • Quality control inspections.

Inspections result in pass, fail, or inconclusive reports. Pass inspections require no further action by the PHA. Fail or inconclusive inspections require a follow-up reinspection or PHA verification to confirm the correction of the HQS infractions.

Depending upon the item, responsibility for correction of fail or inconclusive items may be the responsibility of either the owner or tenant. Failure to comply with correction notices results in owner or tenant penalties, such as:

The PHA will not be required to pay the HAP portion of the rent until HQS infractions have been resolved.

This results in the tenant being forced to move out of the unit to receive continued assistance under the HCV Program.

The participant can lose their assistance.

Initial Inspections

The initial inspection is required before the tenant will be authorized to move into the unit. The purpose of the initial inspection is to determine that the unit meets the housing quality standards set by HUD and your PHA’s administrative plan. 

If the unit passes inspection, the tenant will receive the authorization to move in. If it does not, the owner/landlord will be required to make any necessary repairs and then schedule another inspection. The family is not required to be present at this initial inspection, however, the owner/landlord/or owner’s agent must be.

Annual/Biennial Inspections

Annual or biennial inspections are inspections that are required by your PHA either annually or every other year. This is simply an inspection to determine that the unit continues to meet the housing quality standards. 

Someone from the household over the age of 18 is required to be present to allow the inspector entry for this inspection.

Special Inspections

Inspection Results

The family and the owner must receive inspection results. The owner must receive detailed information for all failed and inconclusive inspection items, so they are fully aware of the work necessary to pass the HQS inspection. If the unit does not comply with HQS requirements within the PHA specified time frame, the PHA may cancel the tenancy approval, terminate the HAP contract, or abate the housing assistance payment.