What Makes the HCV Program so Unique?

Unlike the other government funded housing programs, the HCV Program gives its participants a CHOICE!

  • Participants are FREE to choose any housing that meets their Family’s needs and program requirements
  • Its can include the home the family already lives in
  • When families move, the subsidy moves with them

The Housing Choice Voucher Program provides low income households with housing support while they work to achieve their personal and financial goals, ultimately creating long term sustainable economic independence. 

Lets Talk About CHOICE

The most important aspect of the Housing Choice Voucher Program is the eligible family’s ability to choose a unit. When we give the participant the choice of selecting their home, it no longer becomes just an assistance program, we have now created an opportunity.

Families’ on the program can look and select a unit in the private rental market within the agency’s jurisdiction or outside the agency’s jurisdiction and receive rental subsidy based on their income.

Landlord’s who choose to participate in the program are also able to select the eligible family, through their own screening process.

Greater Opportunity to End Poverty

The purpose of the family’s ability to choose the location and the unit is to provide a greater opportunity to get out of poverty, and ultimately reach a level of self-sufficiency where the subsidy is no longer needed. Families on the program are encouraged to select units based on:
    • Quality of Schools and Education
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Neighborhood diversification
    • Accessibility to Public Transportation.
    • Medical Providers
    • Family Support And Many more

It truly is a HANDS UP Program... not a HAND OUT!