Case Study 1 :Alexander Family

RelationNameAge DisabledCitizenship Status
HeadAaron Alexander33NEligible Citizen
DaughterAlice Alexander12NEligible Citizen
SonAllan Alexander10NEligible Citizen

Aaron works 40 hours per week and earns $8.00 per hour. He pays $35 per week to take care of his two children (Alice and Allan) while he is at work.

The PHA determined passbook rate is .0075

Unit Information:

  • Uni size: three bedroom
  • Family unit size (voucher size):three bedroom
  • Rent to owner: $575
  • Three-bedroom payment standard: $640
  • The utility allowance is $55

PHA policy:

The PHA’s minimum rent is $35

In determining the cash value of assets, PHA policy calls for using:

  • The current balance of savings accounts
  • The average six month balance for checking accounts

Using the HUD-50058 forms following, please compute the following for the Alexander family: