Case Study 2: Baldwin Family

Situation: The Interim reexamination is being processed for the Baldwin family based on changes reported by Betty.

Family Information:

RelationNameAgeDisabledCitizenship Status
HeadBetty Baldwin43NEligible Citizen
DaughterBobbie Baldwin18NEligible Citizen
SonBert Baldwin14NEligible Citizen
DaughterBrytle Badwin12NEligible Citizen

Betty receives $550 a month in TANF benefits for herself and her children. She was recently sanctioned from the welfare agency for noncompliance with the economic self-sufficiency program and her TANF has been reduced to $250. Bobbie, a full-time senior in high school, works part-time at the Bagger’s Bigger Burger Barn, earning $50 a week. Betty pays a neighbor $20 per week to care for Bryte while she attends school.

The PHA determined passbook rate is .0075

Unit information:

  • Unit size: four bedroom
  • Family unit size (voucher size): three bedrooms
  • Rent to owner: $650
  • Four-bedroom payment standard: $690
  • Three-bedroom payment standard: $520
  • Four-bedroom utility allowance: $70
  • Three-bedroom utility allowance: $45

PHA Policy:

  • The PHA’s minimum rent is $25
  • In determining the cash value of assets, PHA calls for using:
  • The current balance of savings accounts
  • The average six-months balance for checking accounts