Knowledge Check

    1. Every housing authority is governed by: 

    1. Local laws 

    1. The Department of Housing and Urban Development 

    1. The agency’s administrative plan 

    1. All of the above 

    1. The rights and responsibilities of the owner may differ depending on whether or not they manage their own property. 

    1. True 

    1. False 

    1. If the landlord is out of compliance with the program’s regulations, the agency may enforce compliance by: 

    1. Stopping assistance payments to the landlord 

    1. Relocating the participating family 

    1. Charging the landlord a penalty fee 

    1. If the family is out of compliance with the program’s regulations, compliance may be enforced by: 

    1. Terminating participation in the program 

    1. Terminating the lease agreement 

    1. Both A and B 

    1. If there is a dispute between the family and the landlord, the agency will have the final say on how the issue is settled.  

    1. True 

    1. False