Abatement is a cessation of a housing assistance payment. When a unit is abated, the Municipality of Trujillo Alto Housing Authority will stop making payments to the landlord for the assisted unit. If a unit is under abatement, the landlord CANNOT require that the tenant pay the Housing Authority’s portion of rent. Common reasons for abatement include:

  • A second failed inspection
  • Failure to make necessary repairs
  • Failure to schedule inspections within the required timeframe
  • Failure to comply with Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and program policy regarding HQS inspections

A Notice of Abatement will be sent to the landlord, and the abatement will be effective from the day following the date of a second failed inspection. A notice may be sent requiring the family to move to a new unit, depending on the nature of the repairs needed. The notice of abatement will state that the tenant is not responsible for the agency’s portion of the rent that is abated. No retroactive payments will be made to the landlord for the period of time the rent was abated.

If the landlord makes repairs during the abatement period, payment will resume on the day the unit passes inspection.

The agency will advise landlords of their responsibility to request a new inspection once the repairs are made. The household will then be notified of the re-inspection date and may inform the landlord.