Change of Ownership

In the event that your owner chooses to sell the property where you are living, you will be informed of the sale. Continue to uphold your original lease agreement, unless a new one is signed, and do not stop paying your portion of the rent. If your rent amount is to change, you will be informed by the housing authority and given an effective date for the change.  

Make sure to get all the information you might need about your new landlord, especially contact information and how they will want you to pay your rent each month. There are regulations that will have an impact, however, in most cases, a landlord is within their rights to choose their tenants and cannot be required to rent to Section 8 participants. If you receive a notice to vacate from your new landlord, you will want to request a new voucher from your PHA in order to begin searching for a new unit. Be sure to contact your housing authority with any questions you might have.