Eligible Units

The housing choice voucher program allows the family to choose their own housing. Different types of housing are all acceptable, including: 

  • Single-Family Detached Homes 
  • Townhouses 
  • Apartments, including studio apartments 
  • Manufactured Homes 

You are encouraged to consider several housing choices In order to make sure that you secure the best housing for your needs.  

The housing unit selected must meet an acceptable level of health and safety before the PHA can approve it. HUD has established housing quality standards that each unit must meet in order for the PHA to approve it. When you find a unit you want to occupy, the PHA will conduct an inspection of the unit to determine that these standards have been met and that the rent requested is reasonable. 

When you receive a voucher from your PHA, you will be required to rent a unit within that PHA’s jurisdiction. There can be several PHAs within a close proximity, each one covering a different jurisdiction, so you will want to make sure that you are aware of the specific area your PHA serves and never make any assumptions about where you can use your voucher. For example, there may be a county PHA, and then also several city PHAs within that same county. While the county PHA would cover all areas within the county lines, each city PHA will be restricted to their city limits. You will want to be sure that the unit you are interested in falls within the jurisdiction of your PHA. 

 If you have any questions about the jurisdiction your PHA covers, don’t hesitate to contact your housing agency for clarification.