Executing the HAP Contract

The Housing Assistance Payments Contract (HAP contract) is an agreement between the PHA and the owner of the unit. The family is not a party to the HAP contract. The contract outlines the owner’s obligation while receiving housing assistance payments on the family’s behalf 

The HAP contract has three parts:  

  • Part A – Contract information 
  • Part B – The body of contract  
  • Part C – The tenancy addendum 

Use of this HAP contract is required by HUD and modification of the HAP contract is not permitted. The HAP contract must be word-for-word in the form prescribed by HUD. 

The PHA will fill in the necessary information and then send the contract to the owner for signature. Once the owner has signed, the HAP contract must then be sent back to the PHA to be signed by a supervisor. Once the HAP contract is signed by both parties, the PHA will then process the first payment to the owner on the family’s behalf.  

Tenancy Addendum 

The HAP contract form required by HUD shall include an addendum that specifies: 

  • The tenancy requirements for the program in accordance with HUD regulations 
  • The composition of the household as approved by the PHA  

All provisions in the HUD-required tenancy addendum must be added word-for-word to the lease. The tenant has the right to enforce the tenancy addendum, if necessary, and the terms of the tenancy addendum take priority over the existing lease terms.  

Learn more about the HAP Contract here:  https://www.hud.gov/sites/documents/52641.PDF