Interim Recertifications

Should you experience any changes to either your income or household composition in between completing your annual recertification, these changes must be reported within fifteen (15) calendar days of the change along with any verifying documentation. Should this result in a change in your subsidy, you will be notified of the changes and the date they are to take effect. 

Decreases in income or changes in family composition that would decrease the family’s Total Tenant Payment reported on or before the 20th day of the month will be effective on the 1st of the month following the change. Decreases reported after the 20th day of the month will be effective the 1st of the 2nd month following the reported change.  

Increases in Total Tenant Payment are effective on the first day of the month after giving thirty (30) calendar days written notice.  

In cases where the change cannot be verified until after the date the change would have become effective, the change will be made retroactively. 

If a family failed to report a change as required, the effective date will be retroactive to the month in where the change would have been effective if the family reported the change appropriately.  

Families and owners will be notified in writing of interim reexamination results and the effective date of any changes. The notification to the family will also advise the family of any opportunity for an informal hearing.