Welcome to the Housing Choice Voucher Program!   


If you are entering the program for the first time, congratulations! If you are a current participant who is moving, we are happy to continue serving you!   

The Housing Choice Voucher program provides rental assistance subsidy to offer you an opportunity to afford a decent, safe, and sanitary place to live. This opportunity is conditional on the availability of federal funds, owner participation and your compliance with the rules and regulations.   

Your individual success in the program will be dependent on your understanding of what will be required of you, the owners, and the agency. This course has been created to help you become familiar with the rules and regulations you will encounter while participating in the program.   

Accommodations can be made available for individuals who are elderly and/or disabled. If you are an individual who is elderly and/or disabled and require an accommodation to ensure successful participation in the program, please contact us and request a reasonable accommodation.  

In this course, you will learn the following:   

  • Eligibility Requirements for the program   
  • Program rules that must be followed   
  • What to consider when selecting a unit  
  • How we calculate what we pay and what you pay 
  • How to move from one unit to another   
  • How to utilize this opportunity as a hand-up 
  • What happens when there is non-compliance  
  • Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence 
  • And much more!  

Please take your time to go through this course carefully; it will give you the information you need to find a good place to live and remain in good standing with the program.