Participating Family

Whether the family consists of one person or several members, each member of the family is required to follow the policies of the program. The family’s rights and responsibilities include, but is not limited to: 

  • Supply any information that the agency or HUD determines to be necessary for eligibility and determination of proper subsidy. 
  • Provide social security numbers and verification of social security number.  
  • Sign required consent forms so that the agency or HUD can obtain information 
  • Supply any verification requested by the agency to show that the family is either living in the unit or is absent from the unit. 
  • Immediately notify the agency if the family is going to be absent from the unit for an extended amount of time per policies. 
  • Allow the agency to inspect the unit at reasonable times and with reasonable notice. 
  • Notify the owner AND the agency in writing before moving out of the unit or terminating the lease. 
  • The unit receiving assistance must be the family’s only residence and only use.  
  • Notify the agency immediately in writing when there is a birth, adoption or court-awarded custody of a child. 
  • Obtain written approval from the agency to add any other family member prior to them living in the unit or any family members who move out of the unit.  
  • Give the agency a copy of any owner eviction notices. 
  • Pay all utility bills and maintain any family-provided appliances 
  • All information supplied by the family must be true and complete 


The Family Must Not: 

  • Have whole or partial ownership of the unit in which the family resides 
  • Violate the terms of the lease 
  • Commit fraud, bribery, or other criminal act in connection with the program 
  • Engage in drug-related, violent, or other criminal activity, or abuse alcohol in any way that threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of other residents in the immediate vicinity of the premises.  
  • Sublet or transfer the lease  
  • Receive HCV housing assistance while also receiving housing assistance from another federal, state, or local program 
  • Cause damage to the unit or premises, other than normal wear and tear, or allow any guest to cause damage to the unit or premises 
  • Rent a unit owned by a parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister or brother, of any member of the household while receiving assistance under the program unless it’s for reasonable accommodations purposes.  


If the family falls out of compliance with the program by not following its responsibilities, the agency may terminate participation in the program.  

If the family falls out of compliance with the terms of their lease by not following its responsibilities under the leasethe landlord may terminate the lease.   

The agency does not get involved in tenant/landlord disputes outside of the policies of the program.