If you are wanting to port, or transfer, your voucher to a different housing authority, once you receive your new voucher, you would then contact your PHA to request to do a Port Out.  

It is recommended that you have as much information about the housing authority that you are transferring to prior to requesting the Port Out. You may need to provide your current PHA with the following information: 

  • Mailing address 
  • Phone number 
  • Contact person 
  • Email address 

This process can vary per housing authority so it is advised that you make sure that you are informed before starting so that you know what to expect. Once your PHA receives your request to transfer your voucher, they will then send your paperwork to the receiving housing authority, who will then process your request and issue you a voucher in their jurisdiction. You will be contacted once your voucher is ready to be picked up. It is not recommended that you move beforehand, just to ensure that you aren’t taking any unnecessary risks.  

There may be some restrictions on the ability to transfer your voucher to a different housing authority based on whether or not the receiving PHA is billing or absorbing vouchers.  

If they are billing, that means that they will issue you a voucher in their jurisdiction, however, they will bill your initial housing authority for the cost of your benefits.  

If they are absorbing, that means that they take full responsibility for the cost of your subsidy and you are fully absorbed into their program.  

Some PHAs will not accept transferred vouchers unless they are billed, and some PHAs will not transfer out vouchers unless they will be absorbed. It is advised that you call ahead to the receiving PHA and find out for sure so that you will know what to expect.