What to Expect from a Landlord

It is always a good idea to know ahead of time what a landlord can and can’t do when renting a unit to an HCV Participant. Knowing what to expect will allow you to be as prepared as possible when starting the rental process.   


In certain jurisdictions, landlords are not required to rent to HCV Participants. You will likely be competing for a unit with other tenants who do not have a subsidy. The goal is for you to become a competitive tenant in the private rental market.  

Due to fair housing laws and protections, a landlord must require you to go through the same screening process as any other tenant applying for a unit.  This process could consist of any of the following:  

· Rental Application  

· Application Fee  

· Criminal Background Check  

· Credit Check  

· Holding Fee  

· Security Deposit  

You should never sign a lease until you have received your tenancy approval from the agency. If you do so, you risk being responsible for 100% of the amount of the rent owed to the landlord without any subsidy. 


Keep in mind; a landlord may be new to the program. They may have many questions about how the program works and what their responsibilities and rights are. This is one reason why educating yourself on the program is so important. You may need to educate them to make them familiar with what is required of them. It is always good to have them contact your agency if they have any questions about the process.